MIS Graduation | 追求卓越面向未来 深圳曼校2024届毕业生载誉启航
2024-06-21 17:03:00


The June Breeze


Brings the tireless cicadas' song


And the scent of farewell.


Years ago, a group of spirited youths


With curiosity and dreams in their hearts


Knocked on the doors of MIS,


Joining this grand feast of youth.


They scattered the seeds of their dreams in every corner of MIS. No one questioned whether these seeds were ordinary or full. What greeted them was the meticulous care and nurturing from MIS every day.


Now, these seeds have long since sprouted, grown into lush trees, and borne abundant fruit.

Merchiston Graduation


On June 17, MIS Shenzhen held the 2024 Seniors Graduation Ceremony. All teachers and parent representatives gathered for this summer graduation celebration, blessing the graduates as they embark on a new chapter of their lives with laughter and hugs.

This year's graduates shone brightly in their university admissions, not only continuing the glory of previous years but surpassing them. The 28 graduates received over 100 admission offers from top 100 world-renowned universities. These achievements are not only a testament to the students' hard work but also a full affirmation of MIS's teaching quality and educational philosophy.

To infuse the graduation ceremony with a sense of ceremony, the school meticulously arranged a series of themed check-in spots. Graduates bid farewell while taking memorable photos with MIS, capturing the most beautiful moments of their youth. Each design reflected the "most warm-hearted" MIS culture, with graduates and parents lifting their phones to commemorate this important moment, drawing a perfect conclusion to their wonderful high school life.


Head of School

"The road ahead is full of flowers and beauty, but there will also be mud and bumps. I hope every graduate can bravely face the challenges." At the graduation ceremony, Acting Head of School Mark of MIS Shenzhen expressed his earnest expectations for their future paths and fully affirmed their achievements.

It is an honour to stand before you today as we celebrate the culmination of your journey at Merchiston International School and the beginning of new adventures.

To our graduates, congratulations. Your perseverance, dedication, and hard work have led you to this momentous occasion. You have navigated the complexities of academic challenges, embraced diverse cultural experiences, and grown into thoughtful, well-rounded individuals.

As students at Merchiston International School, you have had the privilege of a unique educational experience, one that blends the best of both worlds and prepares you to be global citizens.

You have faced unprecedented challenges, particularly in recent years, and your resilience in the face of these challenges has been nothing short of inspiring. You have adapted, innovated, and thrived, showing that you are ready for whatever the future holds.

As you move forward now, remember that education is not confined to the classroom. It is a lifelong journey. Continue to be curious and to approach life with an open mind and heart. The skills and values you have acquired here will serve you well in your future endeavours.

To our dedicated teachers, thank you for your unwavering commitment to our students.   Your passion for teaching and your belief in the potential of each student have made a lasting impact.

Also, special mention to the amazing Ms Natasha, the Key Stage 5 leader who has worked so hard to support you this year and Mr Leo and Ms Maggie, our wonderful university guidance counsellors and Mr Dickens, Ms Ruth and Ms Teresa your brilliant form tutors.  

To the parents, thank you for your support and trust. Your involvement and encouragement have been instrumental in your children's success.

Graduates, as you move forward, carry with you the memories, friendships, and lessons learned during your time here. Remember that success is not just about achieving your goals but also about making a positive impact on the world around you. Be kind, be courageous, and always strive to be the best version of yourselves.

We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Your future is filled with endless possibilities, and we are confident that you will make a difference wherever you go.



Reflecting on the learning time at MIS, my child is like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, dancing gracefully, and bursting with youth. Ms. Li, the parent representative of graduate Summer, shared stories of her child's growth and the joy brought by choosing MIS.

On this special day, as I stand here as a parent representative, on behalf of all parents, I sincerely wish to extend my warmest congratulations to our graduating students. This is not only a graduation ceremony, but also a testimony to our common growth and an affirmation of our perseverance and hard work over the past thirteen years. In this moment filled with love and excitement, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my feelings and insights with you. Looking back on these thirteen years of schooling, our children are like butterflies emerging from their cocoons and soaring in this international school, where they have not only gained knowledge, but more importantly, obtained friendship, responsibility, and courage.

As a parent, I want to tell you that you have done an excellent job, and we have witnessed and remembered your hard work and dedication. We are here to praise your growth and applaud your progress. Every student is the pride of our hearts. Believe in yourselves, believe that you will be able to create your own wonderful life in the future and shine your own light.

At the same time, please don't forget to be grateful and share. Be thankful to those who have helped and supported you, for their care and encouragement is the driving force for you to move forward. Share your success and happiness so that more people can feel your positive energy and sunshine.

Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers. It is your hard work and meticulous teaching that have made the outstanding students we see today. Teachers are the guiding lights on their learning paths and an integral part of their lives. May the grace of your teaching be like the gentle spring breeze and nourishing rain that enriches the hearts of every student, enabling them to grow strong and blossom into a magnificent flower of life. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents. It is your support and companionship that makes our children never feel lonely on the path of growth. May we continue to walk hand in hand, witness their growth together, and share the joy of their success.

At this moment of the graduation ceremony, let's jointly wish all the graduates that you may have a bright future and a promising path ahead!



Outstanding graduate representative Alex expressed deep affection for his alma mater in his speech, sharing the wonderful learning journey at MIS and the excellent character developed during his time at school.

I arrived at MIS in January 2021, transitioning from an AP curiculum “cram school” to a holistic British international school. I felt lost yet hopeful for a fresh start at a new school, and since the afternoon i arrived i have truly felt the presence of a second home. From students of all year groups bantering with me, staff members celebrating achievements more than i myself celebrate them, teachers and house parents intervening and providing support during some of the my darkest times; these are all new experiences i never anticipated yet i am truly grateful to have gone down this path that i was initially conflicted to have gone down, it’s simple moments such as the chalmers 阿姨 praising our college acceptances, Mr David lending me his old shoes, the year 7s complaining about laptop regulations to me that bring light to an otherwise mundane highschool life. Thank you MIS.

“Gifted”, this is the word i attribute to the majority of my achievements. I was never a straight A student, i was failing chinese, put in academic support and even asked retake subjects, i perceived myself as below my average so i performed accordingly, Yet at MIS i was recommended by my friends to join the Gifted and Talented Program that teachers started to push those who wished to go a step further in their science subjects, my self-perception changed, my actions and choices were made to fulfill the title and the rest is history. James Clear writes in his book “Your identity emerges out of your habits. Every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become”. I was not forced to change, only led on a different path that upon reflection a path i am grateful to have gone down. Success isn’t linear nor is it formulated, like Hess cycles in chemistry or Vectors in mathematics, there are is more than one way to get from point A to point B, and the true value is in the process, not the destination. It’s in the multiple enthalpy changes and halved bond energies, it’s in the square root of A squared plus B squared: it’s the choices you make the the persistence that give them meaning in which success can be derived from.

I have always been interested in science, when i was small i loved watching National Geographic and Discovery on the TV, i would ask for chemistry playsets and set up my own experiments, back then it was but a hobby, yet ever since my internship at Shenzhen Bay Laboratories provided by MIS a possibility of a future career appears. My childhood interest in trivia led me to the World Scholars Cup, reunited with some old friends and went to a debate competition that winter with them. None of these were planned events, yet i said yes when the opportunities arose and there are no regrets whatsoever, opportunities come and go and it’s up to us to find and cherish them.

This year has been particulalry hard with A-levels, college apllications and absent family members, if it wasn’t for the support available here I probably would not be standing here today. House parents are bestowed upon the job to keep borders safe, so in that sense Mr.Martin and Ms.Mala have went above and beyond, decorating common rooms, holding movies nights, organizing house events, supervising us during A level self studying. Our teachers that provide unparalled academic support, Mr. Blackburn holding weekly afterschool chemistry lessons as well as arranging extra lessons, Ms Marion helping every student with their applications as well as their mathematics, Mr. Tippy and Ms Teresa providing Mechanics lessons when they weren’t expected to, Mr. Peter who was able listen to every dumb question with his heart and tailor appropriate answers that allowed deep understanding in some topics not even save my exams could save me from. Ms Jenny and Mr. Webster who helped me when i was at my lowest mentally. My success is a accumulation of all these individuals, so from the bottom of my heart thank you for being much more than just teachers.

If there is anything to take away from this speech, it’s this: believe in yourself, take opportunities that align with your interests, cherish the support available at MIS, and when the things don’t go in your favor, don’t give up and keep going, it’s just an alternate route from point A to point B.

The passionate speeches moved every student present, inspiring them to keep advancing and striving bravely in the future.

Then, amid warm applause, the graduates, dressed in their caps and gowns, walked orderly to the stage, received the turning of their tassels from their teachers, and accepted their heavy diplomas, taking photos with each one. The audience below took out their cameras, capturing these precious and warm moments.


Mountains and rivers pave the way, and they will ride the wind forward. If our meeting was for the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, then today's parting is surely to reach farther destinations!

May MIS students carry their honor and blessings, steadfastly advance on their academic journeys, continue to shine, pursue excellence relentlessly, and write their own legends.


















Merchiston Graduation





























我于 2021 年 1 月从一所 AP 课程的“填鸭式学校” 转学到这所全英式教学的学校——曼彻斯通国际学校。初到新学校,我感到迷茫却又对全新的开始充满希望,从到达的那个下午起,我就感觉这里像第二个家。从那时起,各种温馨的小事开始组成我的回忆,同学间的相互打趣;教职员工对我取得成就后的大大庆祝(比我自己庆祝还要热烈);老师和寄宿家长在我最艰难的时刻介入并提供支持;这些都是我从未预料到的新体验。但我真的很感激自己走上了最初还很纠结的道路,正是这些简单而温馨的时刻,像Chalmers宿舍楼的阿姨赞扬我们被大学录取,大卫先生借给我他的旧鞋子,七年级的学生向我抱怨笔记本电脑规定等这些简单的时刻,为原本平淡无奇的高中生活带来了光彩。感谢曼校。


“天赋”,这是我形容自己大部分成就的词。我从来都不是全 A 学生,我的中文不佳,还要接受学业支持,甚至被要求重修科目,我觉得自己的成绩也就如此。然而在曼校,我的朋友们推荐我参加“天赋与才能”计划,这是老师们为那些希望在科学科目上更进一步的学生设立的,我的自我认知发生了改变,我希望通过行动和选择配得上这个称号,让过去都成为历史。詹姆斯·克利尔在他的书中写道:“你的身份源自你的习惯。每一个行动都是对你希望成为的那种人的一次投票。”我不是被迫改变,只是被指引上了一条不同的道路,反思起来,我很感激自己走了这条路。成功不是必然的,也不是公式化的,就像化学中的赫斯循环或数学中的向量,从 A 点到 B 点不止一种方法,而真正的价值在于过程,而不是目的地。它在于多次的焓变和减半的键能,它在于 A 的平方加 B 的平方的平方根;是你的选择和坚持不懈赋予了它们意义,从而衍生出成功。




今年的A Level考试、大学申请和家人不在身边的日子特别难熬,如果没有曼校的支持,我今天可能不会站在这里。寄宿家长的职责是保障寄宿生安全,从这个意义上说,舍监Martin 先生和 Mala 女士的付出远超职责,他们装饰公共休息室、举办电影之夜、组织宿舍活动、在 A Level自习期间监督我们。我们的老师也为我们提供了无与伦比的学术支持,Blackburn 先生每周都会额外开设化学课并安排补习课,Marion 女士帮助每一位学生准备大学申请,还辅导他们数学,Jonathan老师和 Teresa 老师在没有计划的情况下教授力学课程,Peter 先生能够用心倾听每一个愚蠢的问题,并给出恰当的答案,让我能够深刻理解一些连我的考试都挽救不了的题目。Jenny女士和Webster先生在我精神最低谷的时候帮助了我。我的成功是所有这些人的积累,我衷心感谢你们,你们不仅仅是老师。


如果这次演讲中有什么值得特别记忆的东西,那就是:相信自己,抓住与你的兴趣相符的机会,珍惜在曼校得到的支持,当事情不顺利时,不要放弃,继续前进,这只是从 A 点到 B 点的另一条路。