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MIS Academic Performance


MIS has now been firmly rooted in Shenzhen for three years.

Last year, MIS waved goodbye to its first A Level graduates. These students all received offers from World Top 100 universities and British Top 30 universities. As we enter our 3rd term, we will bid farewell to the second cohort of our graduates. Already our Year 13 students have  received offers from Imperial College London (QS World Ranking: 8), University of Manchester (QS World Ranking: 27), University of Bristol (QS World Ranking: 58) , University of Warwick (QS World Ranking: 62) and more.

Students at MIS have achieved outstanding exam results over the last three years. In 2020 our IGCSE and A Level students achieved far higher results in comparison with UK based students (reference: Ofqual 20 August 2020).

MIS Assessment System


How has MIS, a relatively new school, achieved such high academic performance in such a short period of time? There are many factors that support these results; MIS’s outstanding teaching team, the structured and established curriculum that is taught, not to mention the support that students receive in an excellent campus which is enriched with sports, music and arts.

Teachers follow a timetable of assessment and data tracking, whereby they constantly focus on assessing our students using a variety of methods.

During lessons MIS teachers use Assessment for Learning, which enables our students to constantly know where they are in their learning journey to meet the lesson objective and thus enables teachers to give immediate and focused feedback on the students’ work. All our teachers have vast experience in continuously assessing students within the classroom.

Not all assessment happens during learning though: we test our students’ knowledge using end of unit tests and quizzes, also we pride ourselves in ensuring the homework is set to challenge and stretch knowledge and problem-solving skills.

MIS Mock Exam Week


In addition to the aforementioned assessment methods, students take part in “Mock Exam Week”. This is for students who are scheduled to sit their final exams in May and June and the mocks give them an understanding of what is to come, how to prepare and in a real exam enviroment. The results are analysed by the specialist subject teachers and any gaps in their knowledge are immediately identified and addressed.

A second Mock Week is scheduled in Februray, again where feedback and results are shared via a mid-term report.  Parents then have the opportunity to meet with all of their child’s subject teachers to discuss strategies and support.

For our Year 7 to Year 9 students MIS use a flight path for each subject, that not only tracks progress of the learning journey of students, but also enables the teaching team  to help make decisions about GCSE exams and A Levels. 

MIS is a certified Cambridge International and Pearson examination centre.  Parents will be aware that Pearson have cancelled their exams, with grades being awarded based on Centre Assessed Grades. Fortunately for MIS we are in a unique situation where Cambridge exams will carry on as normal, whereas for Pearson we need to rely on our internal assessments. As exams were cancelled in June 2020 too MIS ensured that steps were taken in order for all results to be carefully tracked, evidence gathered, and we are confident that the grades that we will submit to Pearson are as accurate as a real exam. Last year, some of our students decided to retake exams in October with them being awarded as higher than the grades awarded in June. 

MIS knows that the students academic performance has been verified and we are confident that these future graduates will become excellent citizens of the world with amazing academic accomplishment.

MIS Academic Performance




除毕业生外,校内生成绩也十分亮眼。2020年,IGCSE和A Level阶段学生取得了远高于英国本土学生的好成绩。(数据参考:Ofqual网站2020年8月20日发布的成绩)

MIS Assessment System






MIS Mock Exam Week




对于7至9年级的学生,曼校采取分层教学制。每个学生都有针对每个科目的学术进阶路线图,遵循此路径,学生和家长不仅可以跟踪学生在整个计划中的位置,也可以帮助老师同学生一起做出有关GCSE考试和A Level的选科决策。





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