MIS Welcomes New Head of School丨新校长到任!
2021-05-01 09:00:00


Dr Murray Tod has landed in Shenzhen and has joined our MIS Community. 

Dr Tod was delighted to welcome our students this morning and wish them luck for the upcoming Sports Day.

Dr Tod spent some time in the morning getting to know some of our parents and prospective parents visiting MIS. 

There is lots happening in MIS this term and Dr Tod is keen to start work and see what MIS is all about. 

After nearly five years living and working in Malaysia, I am tremendously excited to be taking up the post of Head at Merchiston International in Shenzhen. I am truly delighted to be reconnecting with Merchiston values in my new role in China. I will seek to uphold all Merchistonian virtues, including the fostering of tight cultural ties between MCS and MIS, and I am looking forward to getting started! Ready ay Ready! 

昨日,Murray Tod博士落地深圳,终于和曼校大家庭见面了!




在马来西亚工作和生活了近五年之后,我非常荣幸能够担任深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校校长一职。很高兴能够在职内传承曼校的价值观,传承母校的优良文化传统,我已经迫不及待地期待开始了!Ready Ay Ready!



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