MIS Welcome Back Head of School Assembly丨新学期校长开学致辞
2022-01-07 16:54:00


Dr Tod, as Head of School, used the first Assembly of Term 2 to welcome all students back to school after the Winter break. It was wonderful to see so many bright and breezy students facing him, and he especially noted the arrival of all our new students to MIS and hoped that they would settle in extremely quickly to life here.

In addition to noting some operational matters, such as moving Senior Assemblies to Monday mornings and the vital importance of examinations for Years 11-13 in the next few weeks, Dr Tod also emphasised the significance of the learning in the next three weeks for all students (as we break for Chinese New Year on Friday 28th January). He also took the opportunity to refresh memories on the Core Values of MIS and how attributes such as 'Positivity', 'Internationalism' and 'Responsibility' are so much a part of the MIS fabric. In essence , the Assembly focused on the ambition for all our students to be aspirational, to set high expectations in every avenue (academia, performing arts, sport, CCA, culture) and to never give up. 

This theme was twinned to the tradition of adopting New Year's Resolutions, and Dr Tod noted that he had too many resolutions to aim for (probably never to be achieved!), ranging from striving to do more exercise and to looking at his phone (and sports results!) less! However, he also challenged students to think about what their own resolution might be for 2022 - ultimately, the message was that we can all resolve to think of others more and to 'try to simply be the very best version of oneself in 2022'. 

The message for the start of Term was therefore very clear: all our students should aim high, especially in academics, and adopt an aspirational culture in MIS...but we are also seeking to emphasise the importance of tolerance, respect and kindness to others in all that we undertake.

A most fitting New Year's Resolution for the remainder of our academic year at MIS!






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