Online Forum丨社会谈双减,曼校抓双提,2022一起向未来线上论坛:全方位解读英式教育
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Society mentions  ‘Double Reduction’, MIS advocates ‘Double Improvement’

—— 2022 Together for a Shared Future Online Forum presents a comprehensive insight of British education

Britain is one of the most traditional and time-honoured educational countries in the world. Its education is famous for its complete system and prestigious quality. Britain' s educational concepts and achievements are advanced and profound. The high quality of education is not only reflected in its perfect higher education, but also in its world-famous preschool, primary, and secondary education.

Hosted by Lighthouse Education, organised by Merchiston International School, the first pure British boarding international school in Shenzhen, and supported by Shenzhen Longhua Foreign Languages School, the Online Forum Series 2022 titled ‘Together for a Shared Future with British Education’ will launch on  9 April and 10 April. 

With more than 30 industry experts and teachers from British international schools, the online forum will present British academic courses, boarding management, university application, holistic education in full dimension, helping participants understand the whole picture of British education at one time.

Additionally, the forum provides online interaction whereby interested viewers can liaise directly with the experts. With a series of benefits packages, including free evaluation of international academic ability, free pulse of further education direction, British education experience courses the two-day online forum is promises a rich experience!

Join the UK study abroad club and enjoy multiple British education benefits

The online forum is hosted by Lighthouse Education, the investor of Shenzhen’s Merchiston International School (MIS), the first British boarding International School in Shenzhen. MIS is the representative of British education in the Great Bay Area. Students who have graduated from MIS have achieved excellent academic achievements, with 100% going on to study in world-famous universities, including Imperial College London, which ranks seventh in QS World, University College London, which ranks eighth in QS World, University of Hong Kong, which ranks first in Hong Kong, and London Academy of Art, which ranks second in art area in the world. At present, the fourth year graduates have received 75 pre-admissions from world-renowned universities, including Imperial College London, University College London, and the main campus of the University of Toronto, ranked first in Canada.

Mr Lyu Jianjun, Founder and Chairman of the Lighthouse Education Group stated Lighthouse Education is committed to building an international education ecosystem integrating teaching, scientific research and talent training. In this online forum, Lighthouse Education will launch the UK Study Abroad Club Project, aiming to promote the exchange and collision between British education and Chinese education through a series of online and offline lectures, activities and forums, creating "the internationalisation of Chinese education and the sinicisation of international education, providing children with world-class innovative international education in China".

Members who join the UK Study Abroad Club will enjoy multiple benefits, including:

1. Three lectures on study abroad in the UK and other key countries each year.

2. One to one university planning and guidance once a year.

3. Online British royal etiquette training course once a year.

4. Two online or offline parent-child education classes per year.

5. An international scholastic ability test for the UK national curriculum

6. A multilingual experience class at an early childhood development centre

7.Access to an extensive British international school library.

8. Priority participation in camp programmes, including sports, science and technology, art and public welfare activities.

9. Priority to book the experience classes in a British boarding international school.

On making an appointment to visit Merchiston International School, Shenzhen, you will have the chance to enjoy a free immersive English boarding summer camp for 1 week and 6 Starbucks Grande coffee treats throughout the year.

Comprehensive interpretation of British education in two days online Forum

The organisers have invited than 30 experts and front-line teachers of British international schools to present the core elements of British education during the two days online forum, such as academic courses, boarding management, university application, holistic education (music, sports and art), providing the audience an understanding of the whole picture of British education at one time.

Agenda of 9 April 

The online forum on 9 April presents all major sections of British education. British education experts share the trend of studying abroad and the changes of the A-level exam. Mr Wu Xinping, an education officer from the British Embassy in China, will share the trend of studying abroad in the UK. He will present the situation of Chinese students studying in the UK with a series of data and explain in detail the latest changes in the UK study abroad policy and visa policy. Eric Wang, representative of Pearson Edexcel will share the characteristics of the British curriculum system and the latest changes of the A-level examinations from different dimensions. He will also share the British Vocational Education and certificate system - BTEC curriculum.

Dr Murray Tod, the Head of Merchiston International School, the first pure British boarding International School in Shenzhen, will share the curriculum and educational concept of British education and the reasons behind the hundred year history of British schools. Mr Nick Rudd, the Head of Seniors (Pastoral), and Ms Sonia Buchan who overseas boarding, will share the characteristics of pastoral education and boarding management in British education. Mr Guillaume Ru E De Bernadac, a British etiquette expert, will share the unique position and mode of etiquette education in British education. Mr Guillaume's family has engaged in etiquette training in Europe for nearly a century. His grandmother, after the ancient French aristocratic family, Mrs Bernadac and her father were private teachers of the king of Morocco and his family members.

On 9 April, two MIS graduates who are now studying in British universities will share their application experience and their study life in the UK under the epidemic.

Agenda of 10 April 

On 10 April, the online forum invites teachers of various disciplines and different learning stages to share the secrets of course selection, preparation for university application, the importance of courses such as music, sports and art in different learning stages, so as to show the different emphases of British education in each learning stage.

Pre-school stage (Early Years) and Juniors (Years 1-6) is the basic stage of British education. Focusing on encouraging children to learn while playing cultivates childrens’ interest in learning, ensures children experience the joy of learning. Head of Juniors and teachers of pre-school education from British international schools share the Junior school curriculum of British education and how to help the Early Year children prepare for the Junior school learning.

Senior middle school (Years 7-9) is a key stage in British education. Children during this period begin puberty and face schoolwork pressure.  This pivotal time in their lives shape their personality and soul. British education pays special attention to the whole person development of children in this stage, encouraging them to boldly try new things and be innovative. Here the representatives of international competitions, Tencent representatives alongside many British school heads share how external cooperation, community activities, unique tribal system and music and physical education courses of British education help children have a sound personality and healthy physique.  They share how to prepare children to enter the high-intensity academic learning stages of IGCSE and A-level. During this time, British education not only provides the study of music, sports and art, but also focuses on community spirit and wider attributes whilst paying attention to children’s psychological and physical health.

Senior school IGCSE & A-level stage (Years 10-13) is similar to China's university entrance examination, focusing on academic excellence and university entrance examination.  IGCSE and A-level grades are an important part of the university application. In this session, the organiser invites Tony Cai, the representative of the CAIE to share the characteristics of A-level courses, the latest trend of examination and the characteristics of subjects selected by Chinese students.  This helps participants understand the international course system more comprehensively and systematically. Presenting front-line teachers explain the British international examination and university entrance examination in detail.  English Literature Teacher, who holds a bachelor and master’s degree from Oxford shares his experience of applying for Oxford and life in Oxford.

社会谈双减  曼校抓双提






加入英国留学俱乐部   享多重英式教育福利




1. 每年3次英国以及其他重点国家的留学专题讲座;

2. 每年一对一升学规划指导1次;

3. 每年1次在线英式皇家礼仪培训课程;

4. 每年2次在线或线下亲子教育家长课堂;

5. 1次免费国际学术能力水平测试,对标英国国家课程等级

6. 1次多语种儿童早期成长中心体验课

7. 获取英式国际学校的学生阅读书单

8. 优先参加曼校营地项目,包括体育、科技、艺术以及公益活动;

9. 优先预约体验英式寄宿制国际学校体验课;


两天线上论坛  全方位解读英式教育



4月9日的线上论坛,将全方位呈现英式教育的各大版块。当天有英式教育的业界专家分享留学趋势及大考变化,英国驻华大使馆文化教育处、英国文化教育协会的教育市场官员武新平先生此次受邀分享英国留学趋势,他将用一系列与英式教育有关的数据呈现中国学生前往英国留学的情况,详解英国留学政策及签证政策的最新变化。英国A level课程考试局培生爱德思考试局的代表将从不同维度分享英式课程体系的特点、A level考试的最新变化,还将分享英国的职业教育及证书体系——BTEC课程。

深圳第一家纯英式寄宿制国际学校——深圳曼彻斯通城堡外籍人员子女学校校长Murray Tod博士分享英式教育的课程、育人理念及英式学校动辄百年历史的背后原因。该校的高中德育校长Nick Rudd先生及寄宿负责人Sonia Buchan女士都来自英国,他们将分享英式教育中的德育和寄宿管理特色。更有英式礼仪专家、英国管家学院特邀讲师Guillaume Ru E De Bernadac先生分享礼仪教育在英式教育中的独特地位和教育方式。Guillaume 先生的家族在欧洲从事了将近一个世纪的礼仪培训。他的祖母,古老的法国贵族家族之后Bernadac夫人和她的父亲是摩洛哥国王及其家庭成员的私人教师。




小学及学前阶段(Early Year-Y6)是英式教育中的基础学段,注重让孩子在玩中学习,培养孩子对学习的兴趣,让孩子体验到学习的快乐,将邀请英式学校小学校长、学前教育负责人分享英式教育中幼小衔接及小学学习。


高中IGCSE & A-level阶段(Years 10-13)类似我国的高考,聚焦卓越学术及大学升学,因为IGCSE成绩和A-level成绩都将是大学申请的重要组成部分。在这一学段的分论坛中主办方邀请了剑桥大学国际考评部的代表分享A-level课程的特点、考试的最新趋势及中国学生选择的科目特点,帮助参与者更全面系统地了解这一国际课程体系;也邀请了一线老师,和大家详解英式国际大考及大学升学,还有牛津大学本硕连读的前辈分享牛津申请经历和在牛津生活学习的体验。


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