MIS ALT Team Introduction | 曼校教学管理团队介绍
2022-08-20 09:10:00


As the new school term approaches, MIS is looking forward to welcoming back the students and teachers. This year, Ms. Marion Muetzelfeldt, from our founding school MCS in Edinburgh, has joined the MIS community as Head of School. 

As a practitioner of the MCS culture and outstanding educational concepts, Marion is now working with Ms. Kate Cui, Executive Head of School, to lead MIS to a better future. Let’s take a look at this year’s Academic Leadership Team. 

Marion Muetzelfeldt

Head of School

Born in Wales, Marion Muetzelfeldt went to Brecon Girls Grammar School and then to Royal Holloway College, University of London, where she studied Mathematics. After working in the Nuffield Institute for Medical Research in Oxford for a few years, she taught Maths in Lansdowne House School (now part of St George's School for girls, Merchiston's sister school). She also taught at Napier University and the American School in Edinburgh. 

She then went to Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh to teach Maths, and stayed for almost 40 years, becoming Head of Mathematics and finally Deputy Head Academic. During her time at Merchiston Edinburgh she taught many boys who went on to study at Oxford or Cambridge. Also as Deputy Head Academic she was responsible for guiding them through the UCAS process. Merchiston enjoyed great success in helping boys achieve offers from Oxbridge.

Her time at Merchiston was very happy, and she loved her job. Her work has always been her passion, but she also enjoys cycling, jogging, and keeping up with friends and family.

Kate Cui

Executive Head of School

Kate has been in the international education industry for over 20 years, working at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Nord Anglia Education Group. Throughout her years of international education practice, she has accumulated rich experience in school operations and administration, international curriculum/bilingual program development, and school climate improvement.

Kate believes that a school should provide a high-quality holistic learning environment for children to grow in today’s multi-culture context. Kate enjoys communicating with children, listening to their stories, spotting their best potential, and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. With a Master of Arts in Linguistics and a Master of Business Administration, Kate loves learning about various cultures and languages.

She is proficient in four languages, which include Mandarin Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese, and has had academic fellowship visits in the UK, the US, Japan, Korea and Australia. In her spare time, Kate likes to go on cultural visits to Chinese villages with her family and friends to learn the beauty of folk customs and habits around China. She has been to more than 20 provinces (or areas) and has supported rural education with her friends for years.


D.C Lewis

Head of Pastoral

Care & Boarding

In 1992 Jonathan began his teaching career in England and since then has been recognised as an outstanding classroom teacher in a variety of education settings both in England and internationally. He studied for his degree in Social Studies and Psychology at the University of Wales and completed Post Graduate Certificate of Education. He has been a senior leader for

over 20 years. As an academic leader, Jonathan focus on the learning outcomes for each child and ensuring that teachers are coached, supported and challenged to achieve the highest levels and standards of teaching and learning.

Jonathan is an experienced boarding leader having been both a housemaster and head of boarding at some of the most prestigious and successful boarding schools in the world. He is looking to enrich the boarding programme and create student. Jonathan has played professional sport and has always in his career played a very active part in extra curricular activities.



Deputy Head

of Academic

Adam has a degree in Astrophysics from the University College London and later completed a PGCE in Secondary Science at the University of Sussex. He has been a secondary teacher for 12 years in the UK and China, teaching IBDP and A-level Physics. He has been in China on and off for more than 12 years, having lived in Dalian, Wuxi and now Shenzhen. Adam loves teaching and the infinite challenges that being a teacher brings, but thinks the best thing about being a teacher is getting to learn something new every day.

Sabrina Neil

Head of Juniors

Sabrina joined MIS in August 2018 and, after her responsibilities as the Academic Deputy Head in Juniors, she assumed the Head of Juniors position in August 2021. She is responsible for the teaching and learning of the Juniors curriculum. Sabrina previously served as the Assistant Head Teacher at Churchfield Primary School in England. She studied for her degree in Primary Education at the University of Brighton and is currently completing the COBIS (Council of British International Schools) Aspiring Heads professional qualification.


A committed sportsperson, Sabrina has played netball to a high standard in the UK and enjoys sharing this experience with the students. As a mother, she is relishing motherhood and enjoys spending quality time with her family. She enjoys yoga, travelling and tasting the culinary delights that China has to offer.

Victoria Han

Assistant Head 

of Pastoral Care 

& Boarding

Victoria completed her graduate education at Tianjin University, then she started her career at Wellington College International Tianjin. During her 3 years at Wellington, Victoria was a safeguarding and pastoral assistant, a boarding tutor, a staff association secretary, and an SAT coordinator. During her 2nd year there, she received the safeguarding training “train the trainer” and then took on the responsibility of delivering safeguarding training to both international and local staff. She was also an active member in the “school-parent communication group” where she was able to organize a series of parent events to attract more parents to take interest in school safeguarding and pastoral topics. She was heavily involved in the possess of dealing with safeguarding and pastoral-related pupil cases and the parent communication afterwards. After so many challenges Victoria has handled, she decided to dedicate herself into pupil safeguarding and pastoral career in a professional



Victoria moved to NACIS Shanghai to take on the role as a boarding coordinator. In the case that her work partner, Head of Boarding, was stuck in Thailand and had to work online. Victoria worked as the acting Head of Boarding. She launched a number of new boarding initiatives to improve boarding provision including staff development, boarding structure and systems, student activities, rewards and sanctions, and parent communications. Victoria is excited to join Merchiston.

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Marion Muetzelfeldt


Marion 生于威尔士,毕业于数学系的她曾就职于牛津大学纳菲尔德医学研究所,而后她任教于圣乔治女子学校担任数学教师,该校是爱丁堡曼彻斯通城堡学校的姊妹校。她也曾先后执教于纳皮尔大学和爱丁堡的美国国际学校。最后,她加入了爱丁堡曼彻斯通城堡学校。

教授数学学科近 40 年,从一线教师逐步成长为数学学科主管并最终进入管理层,担任曼校学术副校长。在爱丁堡曼校执教期间,她帮助许多学生成功申读牛津或剑桥大学。作为学术副校长,她负责指导学生完成 UCAS 申请流程,大大提升了曼校的牛津剑桥申学成功率。

于 Marion 而言,在曼彻斯通城堡学校任教的时光十分美好,她非常热爱这份工作。教学是她的热情所在,在授课之余她也喜欢运动,骑行、慢跑、以及陪伴家人和朋友。

Kate Cui


Kate 从事国际教育行业 20 余年,先后就职于上海交通大学和诺德安达教育集团。在多年的国际教育实践中,她在学校运营管理、国际课程 / 双语项目开发、学校氛围改善等方面积累了丰富的经验。

Kate 认为学校应该为孩子们在当今多元文化背景下成长提供高质量的学习环境。Kate 喜欢与孩子们交流,倾听他们的故事,发现他们最大的潜力,并激励他们成为最好的自己。

Kate 拥有语言学硕士学位和工商管理硕士学位,热爱学习各种文化和语言。精通汉语普通话、韩语、英语、日语四种语言,曾赴英国、美国、日本、韩国、澳大利亚进行 学术访问。闲暇之余,Kate 喜欢和家人朋友一起到中国乡村进行文化考察,了解中国各地的民风民俗之美。她去过 20 多个省,多年来与朋友一起支持农村教育。


D.C Lewis



从1992 起Jonathan 在英国开始了他的教学生涯。此后,无论是在英国本土, 还是在是世界各地的各类学校中,他都是公认的杰出教师。作为一名学术领导者,Jonathan 已有 20 多年学校管理经验,他专注于每个孩子的学习成果,并确保教师得到指导、支持和相应的挑战, 以使教学相长、达到高水准的教育氛围。

同时,Jonathan 也是一位经验丰富的寄宿管理者,曾在 多所国际知名的寄宿学校担任校长和寄宿负责人。他致力于丰富寄宿活动、塑造学生的优秀品格。Jonathan 也从事职业运动,在他的职业生涯中,一直在课外活动中发挥着非常积极的作用。




Adam 在英国和中国从事中学教育工作总共长达 12 年,教授过 IB 和 A-level 的物理学。他陆续在中国生活了 12 年多,曾居住在大连和无锡,现定居深圳。Adam 热爱教学,享受当教师带来的无限挑战,同时作为老师每天也在不断学到新的东西。

Sabrina Neil


Sabrina 于 2018 年 8 月加入曼校就任小学部学术副校长,随后于 2021 年 8 月担任小学部校长。在加入深圳曼校前,Sabrina 在英国 Churchfield 小学担任副校长一职。她目前也正在完成英国国际学校理事会(COBIS)校长职业资格证书课程以考取校长资质。


Sabrina 在无挡板篮球项目中,达到了英国省级运动员水平;她喜欢瑜伽、旅行和品尝中国美食。作为一名母亲,她喜欢育儿,也喜欢与家人共度美好时光。

Victoria Han



在天津大学毕业后,Victoria 加入天津惠灵顿外籍人员子女学校,在工作的 3 年里,担任学生安全与德育关怀助理的同时,也是学校寄宿部辅导员,学校工会秘书与 SAT 考试协调官。在惠灵顿的第二年,Victoria 接受培训后成为安全培训讲师,此后她负责学校员工的安全培训,同时也是学校家校关系促进小组的成员,代表学校德育部门参与组织大型家长活动,参与学生安全及德育关怀事件的解决与家校沟通,在一次次的挑战中, Victoria 下定决心要长期专业投身于德育与学生心理关怀工作。


职场第四年,Victoria 转入上海诺德安达双语学校担任寄宿部协调官。在重要搭档寄宿舍监因疫情陷在泰国只能远程办公的情况下,Victoria 作为寄宿部执行舍监,主持团队重组,整合学生活动,促进构建家校关系,与各学部团队合作,提高寄宿部对学生的支持标准。Victoria 非常开心能加入曼校,期待新的征程。

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