深圳曼校五星篮球学院揭牌 百万奖学金助力学生“投向未来”
2023-11-11 13:41:00


MIS Five-Star 

Basketball Academy

At the bright and bustling basketball courts of the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center under a radiant full moon

The first selection event for U12 & U15 basketball scholarship athletes from the Shenzhen MIS took place on the evening of November 9th. This event marked the official launch of a strategic partnership between the Shenzhen MIS and the Five-Star Basketball Academy, heralding the establishment of the "Shenzhen MIS Five-Star Basketball Academy" along with the unveiling of a million-dollar specialized basketball scholarship program.

⬆️Dave Hopla shows shooting techniques⬆️

The renowned international basketball coach, Dave Hopla, graced the event, sharing insights into his legendary basketball journey and shooting techniques, treating basketball enthusiasts to a magnificent display and unforgettable moments.

As a shooting maestro, Hopla holds the Guinness World Record for the most three-point shots made by a single individual in a minute, having worked with NBA teams like the Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors, Detroit Pistons, and trained NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, and Stephen Curry.

Through live demonstrations and engaging explanations, Hopla imparted invaluable shooting techniques and training focal points to the young basketball enthusiasts present, captivating the audience with dazzling displays and keeping the atmosphere vibrant throughout.

 Inauguration Ceremony of 

MIS Five-Star Basketball Academy

Subsequently, amidst jubilant cheers, the much-anticipated Shenzhen MIS Five-Star Basketball Academy was officially inaugurated, unveiling its plaque and initiating the scholarship program. The Chairman of Shenzhen Times Light International Education Group and the founder of Shenzhen MIS, Lyu Jianjun, conferred the appointments for the academy's director and honorary advisor.

⬆️ Dean Appointment Ceremony⬆️

The selected players for the Shenzhen MIS Five-Star Basketball Academy, chosen through comprehensive assessments, not only receive full scholarships valued at a million but also gain opportunities for immersive learning and competitive engagements alongside top-tier players.

⬆️ Honorary Advisor Appointment Ceremony ⬆️

The academy's director, Bob Pierce, hails from the internationally acclaimed basketball training institution - the current Director of Education at the Five-Star Basketball Academy and a longstanding scout for the Miami Heat, boasting over 40 years of coaching experience, including nearly a thousand professional basketball games. As for the academy's honorary advisor, Dave Hopla takes on this role.

"Being an international school committed to holistic education, Shenzhen MIS focuses on nurturing talent, not just in academics but also by creating high-quality sports events to instill robust character, resilience, and teamwork in children, gradually developing their international perspective and outstanding leadership qualities," remarked Lyu Jianjun. He further highlighted the advantage gained by students excelling in sports when applying to renowned overseas schools. The basketball scholarship program aims to foster students proficient in both academics and sports, continuously striving for excellence, enhancing their basketball skills, educational backgrounds, and contributing more outstanding talents to the global basketball arena.




⬆️Dave Hopla传授投篮技巧⬆️

此次活动还邀请了国际知名篮球教练Dave Hopla(戴夫•霍普拉)亲临现场,分享其传奇篮球人生与投篮技巧,为一众篮球爱好者奉上了一场精彩的篮球盛宴和美好回忆。

Dave Hopla作为世界投篮大师,是吉尼斯世界纪录一分钟单人单球三分球纪录保持者,曾任职华盛顿奇才,多伦多猛龙,底特律活塞队等多支 NBA 球队,以及科比、欧文、库里等NBA 球星的私人投篮特训师。

Dave Hopla通过边演示边讲解的方式,向现场篮球少年们传授投篮的各个要点和训练重点,各种精彩操作秀翻全场,引得一片欢呼,让现场气氛持续高涨。






在师资配置上,篮球学院院长由国际知名篮球培训机构——现任五星篮球学院教学总监Bob Pierce担任,Bob Pierce同时也是迈阿密热火队的亚洲球探,超40年篮球执教经历,是业内知名的、拥有近千场篮球职业比赛执教经历的专业篮球教练。篮球学院名誉顾问则由Dave Hopla(戴夫·霍普拉)担任。



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