MIS Summer Surfing|【火热招募中】MIS暑期冲浪营 夏季运动的必选项
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Surfing Summer Camp

The Best Summer Sport Ever

Someone said that "the sea is half the fun of summer."

Then surf camps can be described as a combination of all the elements of fun at the beach - sun, sea, sand, food, and surf ......

Camp Information

Summer Surf Camp hot recruitment, with 20 people only!

Camp Dates:

24th July - 29th July (6 days and five nights)

Camp Location:

Zhangzhou, Fujian

Year Group:

Y4 - Y12

Transportation Options:

High-Speed Rail (specific to the group notification)

Camp Fees:


RMB 7800 per person

Fees include

-Programme fees, meals (five breakfasts, six lunches, and five nights), hotel accommodation (five nights), and camp insurance.

-Programme includes Surfing Course, Water Safety Course, Island Exploration Course, Southern Fujian Culture Course, Handicraft Course, Fluorescent Beach Exploration, Surfing Movie Night, Environment Night, Camp Opening Ceremony, and Camp Closing Ceremony.

Fees do not include

-Round trip transportation and other personal expenses.

(Surfing certification test will be held on the last day of camp)

(A surfing level certification test will be conducted on the last day of the camp)

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Surfing Summer Camp

The Best Summer Sport Ever

Surfing, one of the five new sports added to the Tokyo Games, was approved by the IOC to join the Olympic family in 2016, and the 2024 Paris Games will be held in Tahiti (French Polynesia), a thousand miles from the French mainland.

Every summer, surfers flock to the most significant surf breaks to enjoy the thrill of the waves. Don't think that surfing is too far away from you. It's not that hard to get started, and being able to get up on a board is the first step to success. And as long as you're not afraid of the water, you don't need to know how to swim to have a go.

Campus Introduction

Known as a surfing utopia, Jiangkou Bay is also the training base for the Fujian provincial surfing team. It is known as the "Hawaii of the East," along with the clean sandy beaches that stretch for nearly 10 kilometres at Jaziza Bay and Houcai Bay. With clean water and sand, Jiangkou Bay is one of the closest surfing sanctuaries to Xiamen Island, where the water is crystal clear and clean. Next to it is the Volcano Island Natural Ecological Scenic Area.

Volcano Island Natural Ecological Scenic Area is located in the coastal area from Qianting Town to Fudan Town, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. The scenic area preserves the major volcanic eruption and late weathering sea erosion geological features and is a well-preserved coastal volcanic geological relic, which is listed in the top ten tourism brands of Fujian by the Fujian Provincial Government. Volcano Island's natural ecological, scenic area has a southern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 20°C. The hottest month of July averages 28-29°C. The natural ecological, scenic area of Volcano Island and its surrounding natural environment is superior and has the nickname of "half flame, half seawater," as it preserves the world's rare and China's only coastal volcanic geological remains, which are rare world and the only ones in China. It is a place where the volcanic "passion" of 26 million years ago created a volcanic spectacle that is "the least like the Earth" and where the sea is blue and clean.

Course Description

In addition to the Treasure Surf Spot, this camp will be led by an ISA International certified instructor, both on the beach and in the water, who will correct our posture and technique, give tips and feedback, and provide targeted training. Surfing can be broken down into paddling ability, wave-catching judgement, and balance. During the camp, we will learn how to get up and ride, paddle, and catch a wave. There will also be a surfing-level certification test on the last day of camp!

There is much more to learn during the camp than just how to catch a wave and paddle. We will learn about the ocean, such as tides, waves, and types of surf spots, and as we surf more, we will also learn more about the sea.

Safety on The Water

Safety is always our priority, and the camp includes professional surfing courses, water safety courses, and indoor theory courses. Before you set off to experience the feeling of riding the waves, the instructor will take you through water safety theory and surfing etiquette and will also lead you through various water skills tests, such as swimming ability and paddling ability, with different groupings of lessons depending on your level to ensure that every child can feel the rise and fall of the waves in a safe way.

"You will feel the joy of success as you persevere through this challenging surfing course"

Island Discovery Course

The island's most notable feature is the more than 1.4 million stone pillars. The island's most prominent feature is the more than 1.4 million black basalt stone pillars that look like hair from a distance and are therefore known as the "hair-like stone forest."

Genghis Khan consists of three simple pillars of dark white granite and two pillars of black basalt. The five stone pillars form the word volcano, and the granite slopes south, with the sea to the south, meaning 'coastal.' The monument is 3.65 metres high, representing the 365 days of the year when the Earth is in constant rotation, and 2.8 metres wide, symbolising the 280-day gestation cycle of a new life. The background of the marker is a wall of columnar basalt knotwork. The stone columns that make up the wall are not artificial but are columnar basalt created by volcanic eruptions over 20 million years ago. This stone column has the beautiful geological name of columnar jointed basalt.

What are the secrets of these islands, and how do they form? What is the reason for their formation? What do they look like, and what are the "terracotta warriors of the sea," as they are called in Chinese science? Let's explore and discover!

Special Cultural Courses in South Fujian

Built-in the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty by Ye Dichou, the 18th student of the Imperial College of Luxi, it took more than a hundred years from its foundation to its completion during the Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi, and Guangxu dynasties. The building has twenty-four openings, and stone, wood, clay, and fresco carvings can be seen everywhere, making it rich and exquisite. There are 646 wood carvings alone, none of which is the same, scattered on screens, cupboards, doors, and windows, and on ladders, including figures and flowers, couplets, birds and animals, poems and paintings, and a combination of movement and stillness, making it a museum of wood carving. It is the most exquisite of all the Fujian Tulou buildings in the World Heritage Site and is a critical national cultural relics protection unit. It is also one of the main filming locations for the movie "Big Fish and Begonia." Also to be noticed are traditional folklore DIY activities such as mochi, rice cake, tie-dyeing, and winemaking.

Apart from the Jomon building, the wine workshop is a particular activity. Luxi wine has a history of over 600 years and was developed by Ye Zhengzhou, a son of a scholarly family, according to the special conditions of Luxi's high mountains and cold waters. The brew was created by Emperor Ming Xi Zong as "Yangmei's Best Brew," i.e., "to promote the righteousness of heaven and earth and the hearts of the people." Every year, during the summer harvest and the winter storage period, every household in Luxi makes distinctive Luxi red wine; making and drinking wine has become an integral part of the local people's lives, and the wine culture is deeply rooted. The wine here is rich and fragrant, and each jar is marked with the date it was made.

Food & Accommodation

Food and accommodation are also a significant part of the camp. During this camp, we will be staying in standard hotel rooms with instructors on each floor so that the children can feel the feeling of chasing the waves, the pain of battling with the waves again and again, the thrill of riding the waves, and then be able to stay in a safe and comfortable room to recharge and prepare for the next day's training.

Meals are served according to international camp standards, with a daily mix of meat and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of the campers.

Why we should learn to surf


Learn to persevere and feel the joy of success

When you first start learning to surf, it can feel challenging. Sometimes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, but if you practice enough and stick with it through the tough times, you will be rewarded with a very high level of enjoyment and success.


Step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences

Surfing is a personal sport, meaning it's just you and the waves. For some people, surfing is like a meditation or even a healing journey. They feel that one of the biggest improvements they make when they learn to surf is their mental health. Because they can do something outside their comfort zone, overcome their fears and challenge themselves. Surfing is much more than just catching a wave.


Reduce stress in your life and build core strength

There is no better feeling than spending a day outdoors soaking up the sun. Surfing improves our mood and helps us sleep better, but it can also greatly strengthen our core and leg strength and is an excellent workout for our balance. For example, getting up and riding the wave is a great arm and upper body workout. We must realise how much physical effort is involved because learning to surf is so much fun!

Just as no winter is complete without snow, no summer is complete without the beach. If you're up for the challenge and want to experience what it's like to ride the waves, sign up now, as this camp is limited to 20 people!

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The Best Summer Sport Ever























The Best Summer Sport Ever





火山岛自然生态风景区位于福建省漳州市漳浦县前亭镇至佛昙镇滨海地带,景区内保存了中心式火山喷发构造形迹和后期风化海蚀地质地貌,是保存完整的滨海火山地质遗迹,被福建省政府列入福建十大旅游品牌。火山岛自然生态风景区属南亚热带海洋性季风气候,年平均气温 20℃,七月份最热平均 28~29℃,火山岛自然生态风景区及周边自然环境优越,具有“一半是火焰,一半是海水”的别称,因为这里保存着世界罕见、 中国唯一的滨海火山地质遗迹。这里既有两千六百万年前的火山“激情”造就的“地球上最不像地球”的火山奇景,又有一片蔚蓝干净的大海。








火山岛自然生态风景区内的南碇岛位于林进屿的东南面,与香山景区隔海相望,岛上最著名的是遍布着由黑色玄武岩组成的 140 多万根石柱,远看像一根根头发,故有学着称为“发状石林”。























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