MIS Talk | 大咖共探英式教育魅力 揭秘曼校如何从“优秀”走向“卓越”
2023-09-10 12:03:00



"International education and traditional education are not superior or inferior; they are only a matter of suitability." "The beauty of MIS is to make ordinary children extraordinary and outstanding children even more exceptional."

On the morning of September 6th, the "Exploring MIS · Nurturing the Future Series" event, the "Principal's Salon," was held at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center MIS M1833 City Members Club. More than ten college admission service platforms from the Greater Bay Area participated in this event, engaging in in-depth discussions and sharing topics such as "How British education can help children achieve a prosperous life."

College admission data shows that Shenzhen MIS's 2023 graduates hold an average of 5 offers from prestigious universities, with a 100% acceptance rate to the world's top 100 universities. The acceptance rate to the world's top 50 universities is as high as 85%. Behind these dazzling college admission results, what is the secret to their success?

During the salon, Ms. Kate, the Executive Head of Shenzhen MIS, gave a keynote speech titled "Exploring Together, The Charms of MIS, a Pure British Boarding School." She shared her thoughts and insights on British international education, as well as "unveiling" the "secret" of how MIS has moved from excellence to excellence, touching on topics such as holistic education, international talent development, and curriculum design.



Standing out among the numerous international schools in the Greater Bay Area requires a strong faculty team. As Shenzhen's first pure British-style boarding international school, Shenzhen MIS boasts a diverse and culturally rich teaching staff. This diversity provides students with a broader international perspective, greater competitiveness in the global community, and a more holistic worldview. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:6, each student receives ample attention and personalized education within the classroom.


High Academic Qualification 

The teaching team at Shenzhen MIS comes from various parts of the world, with 70% being foreign teachers and 30% bilingual teachers. Over 80% of the teachers hold master's degrees, and many have graduated from world-renowned institutions such as Harvard University and Imperial College London. With a commitment to nurturing students and a passion for international education, they instill the quality of "lifelong learning" into the fabric and bloodstream of MIS, allowing teachers and students to resonate together with the waves of the times.



Boarding, as the essence of British holistic education, is offered to students from Grade 3 and above at Shenzhen MIS. Unlike the traditional "housemaster" role, the boarding management team at MIS consists of both Chinese and foreign teachers. They not only provide 24-hour life supervision and academic guidance but also serve as important mentors in a child's growth journey. The balanced and compassionate management model helps children quickly develop a sense of belonging and fosters independence and self-confidence.


Child-Centered Approach

Some boarding teachers have made their homes at MIS, so in a sense, children who choose to board become part of their families. Therefore, boarding teachers are affectionately referred to as "boarding parents" by the children. This change in terminology reflects MIS's educational philosophy of "everything centered around the child."

In the final interactive segment of the salon, the attending guests engaged in intense discussions and exploration around the theme of "What kind of international education do our children need?" Participants enthusiastically shared their viewpoints, demonstrating the ideals and passion of professionals in the international education industry.

As the first international education club in the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen MIS M1833 City Members Club will continue to organize a series of events, including international education salons, international education expos, British royal etiquette training, coffee tastings, and more. Stay tuned for these exciting activities.




















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