邀您一起 育见光明 光明科学城高品质国际教育研讨会即将举行
2023-12-10 19:26:00


How can we help children integrate more effectively and rapidly into international education while living and working in Guangming? What are the latest trends in international education to watch out for? When is the best time for a child to enroll in an international school? How will high-quality international education serve the development of the Guangming Science City in the future?

2023 Greater Bay Area Pure British International Education Exhibition

On Dec 16, the 2023 Greater Bay Area Pure British International Education Exhibition, themed 'Nurturing Vision, the Future City of Guangming,' and a seminar on high-quality international education in Guangming District will kick off at the Guangming High-Tech Innovation Center. The event is organized by the Guangming Foreign Affairs Bureau, guided by the Guangming District High-Level Talent Service Center, and hosted by the  Greater Bay Area International Education Research Institute and the Shenzhen Lighthouse International Education Group.

⬆️ MIS Certified by CIS ⬆️

The conference will delve into how pure British international education can integrate with and serve the high-level talents in the Guangming Science City and explore the cutting-edge trends in future international talent cultivation and international education development.

Esteemed experts from the global education sector and renowned heads of international schools, alongside scientist representatives, returnees, parents, and more, will engage in lively discussions through keynote speeches, roundtable forums, interactive Q&A sessions, focusing on topics like 'How international education can help children achieve their dreams of attending world-renowned schools' and 'Trends in the development of the international education industry.' This will spark a wealth of ideas and insights, creating a feast of thoughts on international education.

Notably, to further enhance the sense of fulfillment and happiness among high-level talents living and working in the Guangming District, the Guangming District's High-Level Talent Children's International Education Supporting Scholarship Policy will be prominently announced at the salon.

Attendees will also have the chance for one-on-one in-depth exchanges with international school principals, teachers, and college counseling to understand the trends in international education and address family education-related issues.

Moreover, the 2023 Greater Bay Area Pure British International Education Exhibition will continuously present various aspects, showcasing academic curriculum, boarding management, university applications, and holistic education (music, sports, arts), offering a comprehensive understanding of British education.

Dec 16, 2023, we sincerely invite you to witness the future together in Guangming.

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MIS Admission

Merchiston International School

Guangming Science City, as an important support for the national strategic scientific and technological forces, and Dongguan Songshan Lake Science City Area as the first to start the construction of a comprehensive national science center in the Greater Bay Area, as set of the two "Twin Stars", scientific gurus gathered, cutting-edge field iterative, is the world's countless scientists aspire to the place.

As the only purely expatriate children's school approved by the Municipal Education Bureau in the northern part of Shenzhen, MIS has been providing support for the introduction of high-end talents in Shenzhen to provide their children with high-quality international education and fulfill their social responsibility. In order to help Guangming District to build a comprehensive national science center in the Greater Bay Area as an early start-up area, MIS will continue to open a green channel for the children of high-level talents to enroll in international schools, so that scientists can carry out scientific research without worrying about the quality of their children to get high-quality international education.

⬆️ MIS students at SZB Lab ⬆️

As the first pure British boarding international school in Shenzhen, since its establishment in 2018, the Shenzhen MIS has seen its graduates achieve 100% acceptance into the world's top 100 universities for four consecutive years. Among these, many have secured offers from the world's top 50, including prestigious institutions like Imperial College London, UCL, and other G5 universities. In 2023, Shenzhen MIS graduates held an average of five offers per person from prestigious universities. All students secured admission to the world's top 100 universities, with an 85% acceptance rate to the top 50 universities, and a 50% acceptance rate into the Russell Group of universities.

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Regarding faculty, the school's management and teaching staff possess both international cultural exposure, postgraduate qualifications, and experience studying abroad. Nearly half of the teachers hold master's or doctoral degrees, and are equipped with educational qualifications like PGCE or IPGCE, QTS, etc. They come with rich teaching experiences from prestigious international schools worldwide or graduate from top domestic and international universities, possessing strong academic foundations in their respective subjects. They not only have an international perspective but also are familiar with Western society and deeply understand Chinese culture. Their educational background, teaching standards, and overall competencies have undergone strict selection and assessment by the school.

⬆️ MIS Teachers ⬆️

This year, Shenzhen MIS officially passed the evaluation organized by the Council of International Schools (CIS), becoming a member of the CIS community. As a significant and authoritative accrediting body globally, membership in CIS signifies that Shenzhen MIS has comprehensively met the highest standards in international education, ranging from operational management to teaching quality.




12月16日,由光明区外事局、光明区高层次人才服务中心指导,粤港澳大湾区国际教育研究院主办,深圳时代灯塔国际教育集团承办的2023粤港澳大湾区纯英式国际教育展暨“育见光明 未来之城”光明区高品质国际教育研讨会将在光明区高科创新中心启幕。

⬆️ 曼校通过国际学校联盟CIS认证 ⬆️

本届国际教育研讨会以“育见光明 未来之城”为主题,致力于解读纯英式国际教育如何融入与服务光明科学城高层次人才以及未来国际化人才培养及国际教育发展前沿趋势。













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