Transition from Juniors to Seniors in MIS丨曼校“小升初”是如何过渡的?
2021-05-28 17:20:00


In a few months, Year 6 students, the oldest Juniors will transfer to Seniors. For our 11-year-old learners this can be a challenging journey. Life in Seniors is quite different to Juniors:


Compared to Juniors where they are taught by their classroom teacher, in Seniors they are taught by subject specialist teachers. One lesson every hour, in a different classroom with a different teacher.

Boarding life. 

Most of the Seniors board and this is a fantastic way to build independence whilst learning about themselves and of course spending time with their friends.

Adolescent wellbeing. 

Seniors' students of course are teenagers, and most teenagers need balance, structure, and help with their emotional wellbeing. Our specialist teachers and boarding house staff are prepared for their arrival.

To help with this transition at MIS we begin with a transition move up day and night. This lets our Juniors be Year 7 for a day and night so that they can experience what life will be like. Preparation is key!

What is Boarding life like in MIS?

This Tuesday and Wednesday Y6 boarding students met their buddies under Pringle and enjoyed a teambuilding activity.

The Year 6 students were accompanied to their new boarding house Chalmers/Rogerson by their buddies.

We cannot wait for you to arrive! Years 7, 8 & 9 boys have had a wonderful year and we are genuinely excited to show you all the exciting things we do, all the fun we get up to and the routines we have to help you get the most out of boarding and school life!

Welcome from Chalmers East

Chalmers & Rogerson Routine


Before the boarding experience, I was a little worried because I hadn’t left home before, but with all that we experienced yesterday I feel it was a pretty successful time and I am looking forward to Year 7 now.


It is quite different between Pringle and Chalmers. When I am in Pringle, I am not able to join the Morning Run Club, but when I move to Seniors in Chalmers, I will be able to join, I can’t wait!


I’ loved joining the Seniors Thursday Morning 5:45am Run Club because it is fun, comfortable and cool to run in the mornings.


I’m looking forward to my boarding life because in Rogerson we can go to bed a little later at 9:00pm with some reading time. In Rogerson we have a longer activity time in the evening and time to use our laptops for homework in the boarding house. I’m sure I will have fun boarding life.


In Pringle lights out is 8:30pm, but in Rogerson we go to bed at 9:00pm with some time to read. In Seniors boarding we are allowed to bring in a healthy snack to eat in the common room at night and we have some activity time in the evening. They also have a morning run club.


Before going to Chalmers for the night we had a group activity with boys and girls from Year 6 & Year 7 which was lots of fun. There are a lot of fun things in Chalmers, we have some time to relax, some time to play and we can prepare a snack for ourselves in the common room.

Seniors Subjects

For the first time our keen Year 6’s set off with their timetable to meet their new teachers and interesting subjects to study. With our Year 7 students around to help, what a fantastic way to learn about Seniors.

The subjects in Year 7 


In Seniors we change lessons and classrooms every hour, The trickiest thing is I forgot to bring my watch, so I had to be careful with the time following my Seniors timetable. I will need to be prepared in August so that I am not late for class.


After joining the Year 7 English class I am looking forward studying it more. I am keen to learn more British Culture.


At the beginning I did not immediately find the classroom I should go to, but I am quite proud that I feel I have grown up and having been in MIS for a year I was able to find it by myself and not worry. After lunch, Year 7 students are permitted to go to The Colinton Atrium to go over any homework, read or chat with friends. In Year 6 we go to the sports field and playground to play.


I want to go to Cambridge when I graduate, and I have the confidence to get the dream offer when I finished the Seniors study.

The subjects in Year 7

Wellbeing in Seniors

All students in Year 7 have a Wellbeing lesson during school every Wednesday which is delivered by their Form Tutor. The lessons usually begin in the same way with students asked to “Take 5”, this means that they have 5 minutes to discuss what the MIS value of the month is and what the virtue of the week is and how they have demonstrated these during their week so far. It is also useful for the students to look ahead to the rest of the week and think of ways in which they can demonstrate these qualities within school. Each term has a different wellbeing focus with Term 1 being Health and Wellbeing, Term 2 is Wellbeing in the Wider World and finally, Term 3 is Relationships. The lessons are rich in discussion-based tasks as well as group work and some independent reflection time. Some lessons are also delivered using the Education Perfect platform. Each year group will also complete a project over the course of the year with the Year 7 project being based around managing a budget to plan for a trip.












我们在这里充实地学习和生活,我们已经迫不及待地想和学弟们分享我们在Chalmers East度过的欢乐时光!

来自Chalmers East的欢迎

Chalmers 和 Rogerson 宿舍楼的日常作息





















刚开始,我没有一下子找到我应该去的教室,但我一点都不担心,因为我已经在学校读书一年了,我已经长大了,我可以自己找到教室,我很为此感到骄傲。午餐后,七年级的同学允许去Colinton大厅里写作业、读书和与同学聊天,而六年级只能去户外和体育场 。





7年级学生在每周三都有一节身心健康课,授课老师是各班的班级导师。课上第一个活动就是“5分钟自由讨论”,短短5分钟里大家要根据当月曼校价值观和本周曼校美德,讨论自己本周的相关表现。该活动也能提醒学生在接下来的学习生活中表现出自己更好的一面,彰显曼校学子的优良品质。每学期的身心健康课都关注不同的主题,第一学期旨在区分身心健康与身体健康,第二学期主要了解身心健康所涉及的方方面面,第三学期则着力于学习如何建立积极正面的人际关系。在课上,学生需要完成大量的讨论任务,既要小组讨论,又要独立思考。同时,老师也会运用Education Perfect平台传递部分课程信息。每年级都要在学年结束前完成一个课题,比如7年级学生的课题是制定一份旅行预算计划。



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