Merchiston Day 2021 曼校4周年校庆丨期待与你一起创造曼校历史
2021-10-15 18:40:00


Merchiston International School first celebrated Merchiston Day on 13 October 2018.  Today we celebrate our fourth birthday with Merchiston Day 2021.



Welcome from Dr Tod

Hello and a very warm welcome to everyone and I should begin by noting a Very Happy Fourth Birthday to Merchiston International School! 

Let us begin with a round of applause to acknowledge that! 

Having opened in 2018, and building upon the foundations of Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh which opened in 1833, everyone involved in the operations at MIS can be very proud indeed of all that they have achieved. Merchiston Day, therefore, in Edinburgh and in Shenzhen, is an opportunity to celebrate and commend everyone in this Castle Hall and to praise all students, colleagues and parents for their loyalty and contributions. 

Now I must confess that, like the old man I am rapidly becoming, I love foundation days like today. They allow us to focus on not only commendations but also that elusive concept of ‘spirit’, or ‘culture’ if you like.  Days like today, celebrating the founding and establishment of the original Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, and the opening of MIS and also the new Merchiston Academy, are pivotal occasions in forging The Merchiston spirit. 

But - What does that even mean? What does ‘spirit’ or ‘culture’ mean in a school’s terminology? 

Well, for me, it invokes that sense of belonging to a school, and crucially the desire to be part of that environment too. It means embedding and believing in all the values of a Merchiston education, such as high achievement, in all fields, within a disciplined and caring overall framework, with kindness and integrity at the very heart of what we strive to do. In fact, this is at the very core of our Chairman’s beliefs – Mr Lyu is a passionate Merchistonian in every regard and he deserves huge applause for all that he has achieved thus far! 

Likewise, Andrew Hunter, the former Headmaster at MCS and our current Deputy Chairman of Governors at MIS, is the world’s expert on all matters pertaining to Merchiston & we are very fortunate indeed to be able to call upon his expertise and support. I look forward to his video in a few minutes time. Like Mr Lyu, both Andrew and Barbara Hunter embody the rich qualities of the Merchiston culture.

Although I am a mere Merchiston novice compared to Andrew Hunter and many others in this auditorium, I too am very proud indeed to be standing here before you.

I have mentioned previously how my mother worked for a period of time at Merchiston Castle in Edinburgh and, although I attended a separate (rival) Edinburgh institution, I fondly recall playing as a small boy, a wee laddie, at MCS and attending boarding House functions and school plays. I was proud then of my Mum’s involvement and I’m proud now. I mention this to highlight how the nature of a Merchiston education, the culture of belonging, really matters to me on a personal level. It is in my DNA I suppose.

So, Merchiston Day is an event to celebrate, and to recall past history and forge even stronger ties between the family of Merchiston schools, academically and pastorally. In fact, this feeds into the really great success of MIS – the way that it is continually evolving to blend traditions, between East & West, always aiming to create a narrative of British academic culture but within that uniquely Chinese setting.

Well done MIS so far!

Messages from MCS

Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Boy Gabriel

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the school and we are proud to be able to be here to celebrate with you. Today we are proud to celebrate Merchiston Day, a day where we Merchistonians gather to reflect on our experiences and the achievements we all have gained in such a heartwarming community.  We also celebrate the day together as a show of unity, as for all of us here this place not only serves as a school, but something greater, it serves as a supportive family of amazing staff and students. 

Head Girl Yuri

Looking back over the last 18 months since I became a member of the Merchiston family we have celebrated many events from Chinese New Year and Christmas celebrations to #I Love Boarding and more, but as I prepare for the next step in my educational journey and start writing UCAS statements and applying for universities I have realised that it isn’t the “things” that we do that are important but the experiences themselves and what we take from them as individuals that really matter.  


Greetings to everybody. On behalf of MIS Parents Association, I wish you heartfelt congratulations as you celebrate the fourth Merchiston Day. I am a mother of four children here at MIS. We came from Toronto, Canada. As the foundation parent of four students, I am very proud of being part of MIS community with our faith and love of China. I am delighted to work with the school to inspire our children to become committed global citizens, to strive for personal excellence and to develop a passion for life-long learning. I believe that with our joint efforts MIS will become the best British international school in Shenzhen as well as a prestigious institution in the world. Let us hold our hands tight to build a better community. Keep up the good work, MIS!  

Congratulations from the Chairman of the Board

Put Your Heart Into Our Family 

Good after everybody. I am here with students, teachers, parents and staff to celebrate the school opening four years ago. I want to say “Happy Birthday to MIS”. Happy Birthday to our big, strong and very warm family.  

Boys and girls, teachers and parents, I have a dream. I hope MIS will be the best school in Shenzhen. I want MIS to be the best British boarding international school in the Greater Bay Area, in China, and in the world. 

How can we be the best international school? I believe there is only one right way – “put your heart into our family MIS”. I believe we must do this in the classrooms, on the school bus, in the boarding houses, in the sports fields, etc. I believe if we want to be better, we need to ‘face to face, hand in hand, heart to heart’. We need to build a bridge between students, teachers and parents.  

I’m so happy because we are building this bridge now. We are building a bridge between Shenzhen and the UK, the US and the other countries now. We have 20 students studying in the Top 30 universities now. God bless our children.  

I remember four years ago, when MIS was founded in Shenzhen. That wonderful moment makes me happy and smile. But naturally we had some problems too, with catering, with the school buses, in the boarding houses. I was worried at that moment, but just one month later, everything became better.  

I remember Mr Andrew said to me that “No worries, Mr Lyu. MCS is one hundred and eighty five years old. Everyday happy, everyday has problems.” If you work hard and put your heart into it, everything can be better and even the best. If you don’t do this, the school can’t be better and can never be the best.” 

Boys and girls, teachers and parents. Today I want to say “Thank you so much for your support to our family. Thank you so so much to our expat teachers because you’ve left the UK 2 years ago. I want to say, “No worries. MIS is your big, strong, warm family. We are your good brothers and sisters. And the boys and girls are your children too.” 

Boys and girls, I want to say thank you so much to our children. Because of you, the school can be younger and vigorous.  

I believe you want to be good singers, writers, dancers, doctors and scientists. I believe you CAN. But I need to tell you that you must study hard and live a happy life in MIS.  Nobody can succeed without this. So studying hard, working hard is so important in your life. I believe you can make your future better. You can serve your family, your company, your country and the world. 

In MIS and MAS, I want us to do five H words. First, Healthy, for you body and heart. Second, Happy, for everyday life. Third, Hold responsible for your life. Fourth, Hard study to be an all-round person. Fifth, High achievement in the curriculum. 

Boys and girls, teachers and parents, in our family, some words are very very important, such as friendship, goodwill, respect and responsibility. High moral quality is the most important. I hope words can turn into actions. 

Thank you everybody. Thank you to every family member. I love you very much. 

Please be upstanding for our school song. 





International Schools Musician of The Year

Well done to this year's winners Michael & Audrey.

Clan Captains


Tony    Y13

Sun Ho     Y10


Jon    Y12

Lea    Y7


Alexander Z    Y12

Eric Yang    Y9


Alexander S    Y11

Esther    Y11

Juniors Head Boy & Head Girl & Pringle Heads

Juniors Head Boy - Ray H 

Juniors Head Girl - Sydney 

Pringle Head Boy - Peter

Pringle Head Girl - Amy

Pringle Deputy Head Boy - Ray

Pringle Deputy Head Girl - Iris

After Party


A birthday celebration is not a party without a big party. Family and friends joined us for the After Party with our big community event.

As MCS approach 200 years of historical memories we look forward to the future with MIS. We hope you join us to be part of MIS history.











此外,Andrew Hunter先生,作为爱丁堡曼校的前任校长和深圳曼校的董事会副主席,也是曼校专家,对曼校的方方面面都了如指掌,我们很幸运能获得他的专业指导与支持。稍后大家会在大屏幕上看到他从爱丁堡发来的贺电。吕先生和Andrew校长夫妇都拥有曼校文化的优良品质,值得我们学习。







学生会主席 Gabriel


学生会主席 Yuri



























13年级   Tony

10年级   Sun Ho


12年级   Jon

7年级     Lea


12年级   Alexander Z

9年级   Eric Yang


11年级   Alexander S

11年级   Esther


小学男生代表 - Ray H 

小学女生代表 - Sydney 

Pringle宿舍楼男生代表 - Peter

Pringle宿舍楼女生代表 - Amy

Pringle宿舍楼副男生代表 - Ray

Pringle宿舍楼副女生代表 - Iris

After Party




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