MIS Loyalty Appreciation Party丨曼校首届答谢会成功举行
2021-11-10 20:00:00


MIS Loyalty Appreciation Party


MIS is in it's forth academic year and on Sunday 7 November held their first Loyalty Appreciation Party. An evening for parents and staff to get together and personally be thanked by the Leadership and the Chairman of the Board.

With our Seniors Student Council playing an active role in the evening, parents were delighted to spend time with our young ladies and gentlemen as they welcomed the guests, served drinks and foods and discussed their time at MIS. 

With speeches from Dr Tod, Mr Lyu and MISPA representatives Ms Angela and Ms Rina, the crowd felt a sense of belonging. 

Dr Tod

Head of School

“A thriving MISPA, to represent parental views and interests & to help develop MIS, is such an important element of what we do and I am delighted that we have such an institution here.”

“To commit to a school, especially a young one, is a big deal for any parent and we are incredibly grateful to you. We hope that we can continue to repay your trust and loyalty in us, and we will work hard to develop MIS.”

“We will continue to strengthen the direct relationship and bond with MCS and build a line of values. We are looking forward to working with parents to create a culture that belongs to MIS.”

Mr Lyu

Chairman of the Board

“In the past four years, each member of the MISPA has played an important role in the communication between families and the school. I sincerely thank each member of the MISPA and the Chair of the MISPA. Under the leadership of the chairman, MISPA has provided great support and assistance to the school’ s activities, academics, boarding, and other issues. You are a bridge connecting families and the school, so that students, parents, teachers, and the school can benefit and MIS is moving forward steadily on the road to the development of being an excellent British boarding international school!”

“I look forward to the new committee of MISPA taking over the baton of the previous one, gathering the strength of more and more MIS parents, participating extensively in the construction and development of MIS, and devoting your time and effort to the school, together with teachers and students to build a first-class pure British boarding international school in the Greater Bay Area.”

Gratitude to MIS Parents


MIS is the first international school which provides a pure British education to Shenzhen families. Our community grows together with such like-minded parents, they contribute to the success of the school in many ways.

Gratitude to MIS Teachers


From our first day, MIS is renowned for it’s quality of high teaching staff and experienced team members. Our family starts from the Chairman, to Leadership, to teaching staff, to boarding house members, to our loyal admin staff, to our dining hall team and our maintenance and security team, we have the wellbeing of our children at heart of our jobs.

Many teachers resolutely decided to return to China at the beginning of COVID-19 with many teachers stayed in China during the epidemic. The stable lty team ensures that MIS overcame various difficulties and became one of the first schools in Shenzhen to open on time.

2021 – almost 2022


With our forth academic year almost at the end of Term 1, we again wish to thank our dedicated, loyal and loving family members and we look forward to many, many more years together.

MIS Loyalty Appreciation Party





Dr Tod Tod博士

Head of School 曼校校长




Mr Lyu 吕建军先生

Chairman of the Board 曼校董事会主席



Gratitude to MIS Parents



Gratitude to MIS Teachers




2021 – almost 2022



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