MIS: one month into Term丨开学一个月,家长反馈如何?
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Teatime Showcase

Friday at MIS finished with a bang as parents were invited to watch our first informal music performance.   It was a joy to watch these extremely talented young learners perform with confidence and grace and we look forward to many more.

MIS is a community where we enjoy seeing parents in school as offen as possible.

Chinese Curriculum Presentation

Being a British International School doesn't mean we don't take Chinese seriously! Many parents joined our first Juniors Chinese Curriculum Presentation to hear why Chinese at MIS is so important.

English Curriculum Presentation

The Seniors English & EAL Presentation brought in a crowd. Ms Chan, our Head of Department introduced our materials, curriculum courses and how parents can help support their child to become better English learners.

MISPA Re-Election

On Friday 4 September MISPA (Merchiston International School Parents Association) held their first meeting of the academic year, whilst enjoying a lovely Afternoon Tea. With the new members elected we are proud to announce the Executive Committee for the 2020/21 academic year:


Ms Xu

mother of Sean Year 7


Ben Sun

father of Rock Year 4


Ms Cui

mother of Linda Year 8











Ms Xu



Ben Sun



Ms Cui

八年级 Linda同学母亲


Parents Satisfaction

One month into the academic year and we are delighted our new MIS community members are both happy and settled at school.

I would like to first of all give thanks for the intimate education, the care about the growth of our children by the  teachers and express highest respect and heartfelt thanks!

Now it's been a month since my two children transferred to MIS. As a new parent, at first I was a little uneasy, especially as my son is in Year 8 and is required to live in school. Having no experience of long term boarding, in the young rebellious period he was not willing to live in school at first, his self-discipline is not very good and he has skin allergies and so on ... In short, as parents we natually were anxious.

After the first week in school he called me once, simply to talk about the school's learning situation, about his classmates and roommates. My daughter comes home from school every day and we talk about what activities she does at school everyday of the week, what the teacher and students do each day? It's best to have a relationship with children so at school they are interested and happy.  During the weekends when the family get together and cherish the time together, they make me feel that whilst in MIS the class life, learning is happy, my son likes his teachers and classmates, they are full of pride in this class. This makes me grateful and feel assured that, as a parent, I understand the work of supporting teachers, but also work with teachers to educate children together.

Ms Liang

Mother of Cindy Year 2 and Jason Year 8

My two children are very happy with MIS. We very appreciate what the school does to help.  Thanks a lot.


Dad of Samson Y3 & Sophia Y6

We are new members of the MIS family this year. At the beginning of the school, there of course may be some worries. I do not know whether the child can integrate into the new study life as soon as possible, but soon these worries were eliminated, with the help and encouragement of the teachers, the children quickly adapted to the life of MIS and kept up with the progress of study, and actively participated in campus activities, all of which strengthened his confidence and made him more clear about the goal of his efforts. Living in school has improved his self-reliance and social skills. I can feel the novelty and happiness of collective life when I listen to him on the way home from school on a Friday about what happened at school during the week.

Thank you, teachers! May MIS continue to be the best!


Mother of Y10 Andy

Time flies and in a blink of an eye, the children have been at MIS for more than a month.

During this time, I feel our children from living habits to learning habits, they are changing and improving every day.  In daily life, they have gradually become organised in terms of self-time arrangement, article preparation, and post-processing. In my view I can see they are also active from completing homework to reading books for 20 minutes a day.  The English learning has also made significant progress.

The achievements of these changes are inseparable from the hard work of the leaders and teachers of MIS. I look forward to seeing MIS grow even stronger!


Dad of James Y4 & Peter Y6

Just two weeks before we arrived at MIS, we and our children were a little perturbed, worried that the academic rhythm could not keep up with the domestic children, boarding life might not be suitable and so on. But every time the child comes back each weekend, there is a change, the natural smile on her face, actively communicating with us about study and life, like CCA courses, the food is very good. and what friends have been made, cooperative theme activities and so on. We are relieved to witness the growth of our children with MIS.

Mr Chen

Father of Stella Y6 (boarder)

My son Jack entered MIS in May this year. Because he needed to be quarantined for 14 days, the school has given a lot of meticulous care before the school officially started, allowing Jack to spend time of his quarantine happily and safely.  After the quarantine, he entered school to study and soon made new friends.  The management of the school is very strict, in line with my expectations as a father.  Jack quickly adapted to the new environment and is more and more confident.


Father of Jack Y9

My daughter has studied at an IB / Canadian curriculum international school in Shenzhen for 9 years.  I'm not very familiar with the education in Scotland but as I am a big fan of UK boarding schools, I took a chance to move her to MIS this year and I'm so glad that I have made this right decision for my daughter.

My daughter enjoys her school life in MIS very much. She realises that the teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful.  She does her homework with her classmates everyday and they help each other out when they come across any difficulties and queries.  Teachers are also available to help which is more effective than doing her homework at home on her own.  After finishing her homework, she plays soccer and badminton with her classmate which is much better than spending time on mobile games and social media.  In addition, the quality of food is much better. She is more disciplined in her daily routines. It is too early to comment whether IB or A Level suits her better but I'm so glad to see her positive changes in many aspects in such a short period of time.

On the other hand, it is also my great honour to be the Class Rep of Y10A this year.  I'm impressed and excited to see the effective interactions between the parents and MIS.  For instance, we parents will have friendly basketball matches with the teachers and the students in the coming October which will help enhancing our relationships indeed.  I very much forward to more exciting events happening at Merchiston Day.

Again, I'm so glad to see my daughter's development in MIS so far and I'm sure that MIS will be even more successful in the future under the professional leaderships of the Executive Leadership Team, Academic Leadership Team, teachers and staff.

Mr Chan

Father of Sydney Year 10

My son Jon was previously studing in Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh.   Due to the pandemic, we decided to transfer him to MIS.  We feel that that we made the correct choice.  Whenever the child calls me, he tells me that he is very happy which makes me also very happy.

Ms Hu 

Mother of Jon Year 11

A thank you letter from a parent from Hong Kong – First day at MIS Experience 

To Mr Lyu and MIS family members            

I admire your courage and enthusiasm for education!            

Mr Lyu, you have a perfect vision, a firm belief and a high standard of international education. The team you lead is undoubtedly excellent!            

When Juniors stood up in order and sang Ready Ay Ready, when Deputy Head of Juniors (Academic) -  Sabrina, the Head of Boarding & Pastoral Care -  Simon Smith, the Head of Seniors -  Daniel received their Certificate from you, I felt the love and warmth of the big family of MIS, and felt that MIS teachers and employees are trustworthy. I feel assured that our children will stay with the MIS family.  

I am particularly grateful to Anna, Li Zhitian, who made great contributions for arranging our children enroll in MIS! She had been in constant contact with me and my husband for nine months to help us and other families to solve various difficulties. On the first day, her efforts made the outcome that our children finally came to MIS on the opening day.  Ms Anna made an interesting, warm and intimate arrangement with houseparents for our children on the first day, which made me and other mothers cry!            

 Andrew, Jo and Rachel arranged for our children's brother and sister to get together to watch a movie, and they arranged for them to spend the weekend together with other children from Hong Kong and stay in the same place by gender and take care of each other. This kind of arrangement gave the parents, who work in Hong Kong and cannot come to Shenzhen because of the epidemic, an infinite comfort. Seeing that they are being looked after by houseparents, parents can finally rest assured! These arrangements happen weekly. It's really great! Thank you so much! 

In addition, I also found that the beautiful and attentive Ms Laura has been busy helping to photograph children’s activities and upload the pictures to us, so that the parents can see the children live in the happy and relaxed atmosphere of MIS.            

The gentle lady Ms Wendy also paid special attention to the children's first day's boarding arrangement. She helped parents and children solve their problems. I’m sorry she had to work very late the first night whilst helping us!            

Two young nurses were waiting to meet with us all afternoon on the first day to learn about the children's medical records and medicine requirements. During the meeting, they carefully inquired about the children's conditions and were really professional. 

Aimme in the school uniform shop has a high emotional intelligence quotient. Although she was surrounded by parents and students, she was still very polite and offered help to the parents and students. Other staff also came to help to solve the needs of parents. I can see that all staff members were patient and courteous to all the parents to help them  complete their orders.            

The breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dinning hall are high standard and neat. My children like the food very much. 

On using the bathrooms, I was impressed that they were very clean – top score for hygiene.           

There were drivers and security guards outside the school who even whilst sweating in the heat, did their jobs very professionally and they are very polite to the parents and students. We also see that one teacher who was heavily pregnant guiding the students, even an injured teacher on crutches were helping students. These wonderful, conscientious and responsible teachers moved us deeply. 

Jason Tang from the IT Department spent over a month before the school started helping us with IT requirements,. It was lovely to meet him on the first day where he helped us more with the APPs and School Pal accounts effectively and quickly. 

Finally, of course, the “trump card”of MIS, Ms Sonia, she greeted everyone with her fluent PUTONGHUA. Ms Sonia knows every student and their parents. I believe that all the parents and students can feel her warmth!            

All in all, I believe that under your leadership, MIS will surely become the first-class international British boarding school in the future.             

Finally, I would like to thank Mr Lyu for helping the children from Hong Kong through these difficult times, you help us to get out of the haze and let the children return to normal, safe, harmonious environment to have their education, furthermore, the children can enroll in MIS, to have a high-quality study and life.           

Thanks to everyone at MIS.

Mrs Lau






Ms Liang

二年级 Cindy 和八年级 Jason 的妈妈



三年级 Samson 和六年级 Sophia 的爸爸

我是Cathy,Y10Andy Zhang的妈妈,我们是今年加入MIS大家庭的新成员。开学时也会有些担心,不知道孩子是否能够尽快融入到全新的学习生活中,但很快这些担心就被打消了,在老师们的帮助和鼓励下孩子很快就适应了曼校的生活,跟上了学习进度,积极参加校园活动,这些都增强了他的自信,让他更加明确了自己努力的目标。住校生活让他的自立能力和社交能力都有了进步,放学路上听他讲着一周在学校发生的事情,我能感受到集体生活给他带来的新鲜感和快乐。



十年级 Andy 的妈妈




Mr Amos

四年级 James 和六年级 Peter 的爸爸



十年级 Andy 妈妈



九年级  Jack 的爸爸

我的女儿曾在深圳IB/加拿大课程体系中求学长达九年。我本人对苏格兰的教育体系其实不甚了解,但是我深爱英式寄宿制学校,因此我让女儿本学期顺利转入了深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校,为女儿的教育做出了正确的决定我也很开心。女儿非常享受在曼校的学习生活。她每每提及曼校的老师和员工,评价都是非常的友好、和善。每天她会和班级上的同学一起完成作业,遇上疑问时他们可以相互讨论、彼此帮助,老师也会在场学生们答疑解惑,这比起她原来在家独自完成家庭作业高效多了。在完成家庭作业后,比起在家玩电子游戏和刷社交平台,她会和同学一起踢足球和打羽毛球,有益身心健康。此外,学校的餐食真的太棒了。现在她变得越发地自律和自信。现在说到底是IB或A Level课程更适合她可能为时尚早,但是看到她这一段时间发生了这么多积极的变化真的太让人开心了。今年,我也非常荣幸地被选为Y10A的班级代表,看到积极、主动的家校互动让人安心又满怀期待。比如,今年10月的曼校日庆典,家长们也会组成篮球队与学校师生同台竞技,相信类似的活动能够进一步促进家校关系稳定、向好发展。我们也非常期待在曼校日体验更多丰富有趣的互动活动。再次感谢曼校的行政领导团队、学术领导团队、教师和员工们展现出良好的职业素养,相信曼校将在你们的带领下必将成为一所高品质的国际学校。作为家长,看到女儿在曼校的成长和变化让我喜不自胜。

Mr Esmond Chan

十年级 Sydney 的爸爸






你有著如炬的目光, 坚定的信念,对国际教育的高标准,你所帶領的團隊無庸置疑絕對是非常優秀!

当小学部的孩子们整齐有序站立起来高声同唱曼校校歌“Ready Ay Ready”时,当小学副校长saburina,寄宿校长Simon simis,中学校长Dannile代表曼校教师从你的手里接过家长们的拜托书那一刻,我们家长感受到了曼校大家庭的爱和温暖,感受到了曼校老师和员工是值得信赖和把孩子托付给你们的。

特別感謝的是 Anna 李志甜小姐, 她功不可沒!在九個月以來一直與我和我的先生 不間断的联繫, 協助我們和其他家庭解決各种困難.  今天她終於成功了 !  在開学礼这天我們的孩子終於來到曼校正式上學了.

然而 Anna李志甜小姐今天和各 House Parents 弄了一個有趣又貼心的行動, 把我和其他媽媽給弄哭了!

Andrew and Jo及 Rachel 他們竟安排我們的孩子兄妹相聚, 共同欣賞电影, 也安排他們和香港一同來的孩子一起共渡週末和分性別同宿互相照顧 。使遠在香港工作和因疫情的威脅下不能隨時前來的父母們給于無限的安慰,   看到他們在陌生的環境下仍有各位 House Parents 悉心的照顧, 使在彼岸的父母們終於可放下心頭大啊!  聽說也能在每週有这樣安排, 这真是非常棒啊!但願沒給House Parents 帶來困擾吧!

另外,我也發現漂亮又細心的Laura  小姐一直忙碌地幫忙拍攝他們的活動情況和上傳給我們, 令不能來的爸爸和媽媽也像置身其中, 看到孩子們在曼校愉快又輕鬆的氣紛下認真学習.

温柔的Wendy小姐也特別關懷孩子們首日的寄宿安排,她幫忙着家長和孩子解決疑問.  抱歉昨晚令她很晚才能下班呢!

两名早晚的駐校護士小姐一直在等候着和我見面以了解孩子的病歷和如何服藥. 会面時認真詢問清楚孩子的狀、況, 绝不馬虎了事!

負責銷售校服的小姐有很高的情緒智商, 她被家長和学生們團團包圍着,也能溫文有礼地遂一協助, 其他職員也都跑來幫忙解決各家長的需求.   我看到各位職員都不慌不忙, 亂中有序地完成銷售.

餐廳的早午晚餐水準極高, 也很整潔, 我的孩子讚不绝口.

走到洗手間發現洗手間一如以往的100分清潔, 滿意得說不出話來

還有曼校的司机和校門外在不停流汗保安人員, 一直有礼地帶着微笑著為我和孩子登記健康紀錄.

也看到延着大肚子懷孕的老師和職員投入地指導學生,    受了傷的老師仍撑着拐杖一拐一拐地陪伴列好隊伍的孩子前行.

IT 部的 Jason Tang 在月前網上的協助,  今天我終於看見他了, 也再請教他幫忙設定有與老師联繫的手机設定問題.      

他也主動告訴我如何更有效更快捷地使用校宝, 真是一位好人才.

最後, 當然還有曼校的皇牌 Queen Sonia. 她用流利的通話熟悉地跟每位打招呼,   也对每位家長和学生的名字僚如指掌, 試問來到曼校大家又怎会不感受到她如陽光的熱情和溫暖呢?

片断太多不能盡錄.   總括而言, 我相信曼校在你的領導下, 將來一定能在走到世界上最前的席位的.

感謝呂總幫助香港工作人员的子女渡过艱難的時刻, 走出陰霾,  在和諧與安全的環境下重回正常的軌道,回到深圳国际学校开始高质量的学习和生活.





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