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2021-07-24 08:17:00


Computer Science teacher 

 Starting Date 

23 August 2021


We are seeking enthusiastic, committed, and ambitious teachers of Bilingual Computer Science who can join us in August 2021.

  1. According to CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) syllabus, teaching relevant A-Level /IGCSE subject courses in bilingual (Chinese and English)

  2. Assign appropriate homework and correct homework on time.

  3. Supervise students and monitoring students’ learning progress.

  4. Support students in any area of weakness,

  5. Demonstrate team spirit through teaching activities and constantly motivate passion for learning among students

  6. Attend meetings as requested (e.g. parents’ meetings, staff meetings, as well as any other appropriate meetings/promotional events), as may be reasonably required.

  7. Respect and comply with school regulations


  1. Master’s degree or above in relevant subject with teaching certification

  2. Proficiency in English and Chinese

  3. At least two years IGCSE, A-Level, IB, AP teaching experience

  4. Responsible, committed, and ethical


Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym and swimming pool, and entitled summer and winter holidays

How to Apply

Please send your Chinese and English CV to

Library Assistant

 Starting Date 

23 August 2021


We are seeking a library assistant who can join us in August 2021.

  1. Performs circulation desk procedures, such as checking in and out materials, registering students, and collecting fines.

  2. Assist the Library with reference questions and direct students to suitable resources.

  3. Assist in purchasing supplies.

  4. Assist in maintaining library records.

  5. Assist in receiving the delivery of shipments to the library.

  6. Shelving library materials and categorising the materials.

  7. Assist with creating high-standard library programmes and displays that support the needs of the school community and promote the Library as a safe place for study and leisure.

  8. Promoting and fostering love for reading.

  9. Perform any other duties as may be required by the School Librarian, for the benefit of the school. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree, Library relevant major is preferable

  2. Relevant working experience is preferred

  3. Good command of English in oral and written

  4. Interested in books,  positive and team player


Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym and swimming pool and entitled summer and winter holidays

How to Apply

Please send your Chinese and English CV to

Head of Chinese

Starting Date 

23 August 2021


  1. To lead, manage and develop the Chinese teaching and other academic aspects of the work of a team of teachers.

  2. To implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated, challenging, and inspiring Chinese curriculum for students and to ensure that the subject areas within the faculty are vibrant, interesting, and enriching for all students.

  3. To monitor and support the overall progress and development of all students Chinese studying.

  4. To provide a motivating and structured learning experience, which will provide students with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential.

  5. To monitor, manage and support the performance of teaching staff in the faculty.

  6. To support the process of application to University as a teacher.

  7. To contribute to the wider life of the school, including extra-curricular and enrichment activities.


  • To develop faculty aims, objectives, and strategic plans in line with the school improvement plan.

  • To contribute to the whole seniors planning and self-evaluation activities.


  • To lead the development of appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, marking policies and teaching strategies in the subject areas.

  • To lead the process of curriculum development and implementation of change, to ensure the continued relevance to the needs of students. This includes the development of resources, schemes of work, policies, and strategies for raising achievement.

Staff Development: Recruitment & Deployment of Staff

  • To plan, direct and, where appropriate, lead subject specific training within the faculty.

  • To continue personal development in the relevant areas, including subject knowledge and teaching methods and to ensure that other members of the faculty do the same.

Learning Walks:

  • To implement self-evaluation, learning walks and review procedures within the faculty and to adhere to those.

  • To seek/ implement modification and improvement where required.

Management of Information:

  • To keep records and supply relevant, accurate and up-to-date information for SoW, lesson plans, learning evidence, registers etc.

  • To complete the relevant documentation to assist in the tracking of students as both teacher and tutor using the information to inform teaching and learning and academic monitoring.


  • To communicate effectively with the parents of students as appropriate, following agreed policies for communications.

  • To attend all meetings and cascade information to members of the faculty.

Marketing and Liaison:

  • To take part in marketing and liaison activities such as Open Evenings, Parents’ Evenings, and liaison events with partner schools.

  • To contribute to the development of effective links with external agencies.

Management of Resources:

  • To manage the process of the ordering/booking and allocation of equipment and materials within the faculty.

  • To aid line managers in identifying resource needs and to contribute to the efficient/effective use of physical resources.


  1. Master’s degree or above in Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese language, and literature, Applied Linguistics, Education, etc. (211/985 university in China, QS100 university in foreign countries)

  2. At least 8 years of Chinese teaching and management experience, with a proven track of record of excellent classroom and pedagogical practice.

  3.  Hold a correspondent teaching qualification.

  4. Thorough knowledge of Chinese language and culture, literature, and modern teaching methods.

  5. Have a good ability to use IT to support teaching and learning.

  6. Be an active and enthusiastic member of staff in school.


Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym, and entitled summer and winter holidays

How to Apply

Please send your English and Chinese CV and recommendation letters to

Admissions Administrator 

 Starting Date 


Purpose: To support the busy Admissions team with year round student recruitment and events.

Job Responsibility:

  1. Track and respond to all forms of enquiries, extensive and on-going telephone, online, email, walk-ins, and in-person communication in a professional and informative manner.

  2. Support admissions activities including campus tours, programme presentations, assessment and interviews, International Education Fair(sometimes on weekends), New Families Day by preparing materials, dealing with inquiries, and recording the attendance and any admissions insights

  3. Responsible for data entry and checking including admissions documents and assessment results

  4. Maintain accurate and up-to-date data in iSams system and the School Portal School Pal

  5. Directly follow-up contacts in accord with all critical deadlines including application review and admission committee meetings. Ensure accuracy of the database management system that supports the admissions office including updating applicant files, and maintaining accurate data and information

  6. Other job duties arranged by the Director of Admissions, Communications and Marketing


  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in Education or phycology or related subjects

  2. Proficiency in writing and speaking in English and Chinese, a knowledge of Cantonese is a plus

  3. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications(Outlook,Word,Excel,PowerPoint)

  4. Proactive, positive and outgoing, and able to work under pressure. Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  5. Well-organised and demonstrate the ability to work effectively both as part of a team or independently

  6. School working experience is preferred

  7. Good team player with high commitment


Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym, and extra paid annual leave

How to Apply

Please send your English and Chinese CV to

Performing Arts Technician 

 Starting Date 

23 August 21

Purpose: To be responsible for the checking, maintenance, replacement and storage of all musical electronic instruments and equipment .  Promote and support students wishing to play in rock/pop bands.Support students using the Recording Studio during lessons and co-curricular time. To provide sound, lighting and audio-visual technical support for performing arts events and assemblies

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • To provide technical assistance as required in Music/Drama lessons

  • Supporting students in the use of software, setting up recording sessions, teaching and overseeing students using the recording studio Pop/Rock Band

  • Promote and work with groups of students who wish to set up a Pop/Rock band or help develop existing bands

  • Maintenance of equipment i.e. keyboards, headphones, sound equipment ordering new parts as necessary and arrange to repair any broken items eg restringing guitars as required

  • Setting up equipment for assemblies and practical lessons as required

  • Knowledge of music technology and its application including the use of Logic PRO X and Sibelius, Musescore

  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate knowledge of recording equipment, microphones and recording techniques

  • Actively fit to work alone in moving instruments and music around the school e.g. to help set up a rehearsal

  • Whole School Sound, Lighting and Audio-Visual Support

  • Running the School’s Buskers’ Corner lunchtime concert series

  • To be responsible for the security, maintenance and replacement of the school PA and lighting equipment. To be responsible for hiring in additional audio and visual equipment for special events To set up and operate sound and lighting desk at school performances and assemblies, parent meetings, sports days, school social events etc.

  • Work with and manage the small group of students who are interested in developing their interests and expertise in sound and lighting technology

  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person

  • Undertake planned supervision of students out of normal lesson times, including lunchtimes, as appropriate

  • To undertake other relevant duties allocated at the discretion of the Director of Performing Arts or Head of School

Person Specification

  1. Music/Music Technology or other relevant Level 3/A Level qualifications or equivalent experience

  2. Should have a good working technical knowledge of a range of sound and recording equipment, especially microphones

  3. Should be a good communicator – particularly to be able to relate well with children in a professional capacity

  4. Should be flexible as, very occasionally, some work will take place in the evenings/weekends

  5. Have a good working knowledge of production lighting or be willing to learn


Merchiston International School

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